Press Fittings

The Milwaukee UltraPress® System is user friendly, quick and easy to install. Installation can be completed in less time than traditional solder, threaded, brazed or grooved copper systems. Significant time savings means tight budgets and deadlines are met while project delays and cost overruns are avoided.

The Milwaukee UltraPress® System can be used in new construction or repair work and is designed for potable water, HVAC and process water systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

With the Milwaukee UltraPress® System, a watertight joint is formed between the EPDM seal and the crimped fitting or valve providing a permanent connection. Milwaukee Valve’s background in the commercial, industrial, and very specialized marine business for the United States Navy should give you reliability you can count on.

Third-party certified to: IAPMO PS 117, Copper, Copper Alloy, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel Piping System with Press-Type and Nail-Type Connections ICC-ES LC1002, Press-Connection Fittings for Potable Water Tube and Radiant Heating Systems ½” thru 2” ASME B16.51, Copper and Copper Alloy Press-Connect Pressure Fittings NSF/ANSI 61, Drinking Water Systems Components—Health Effects NSF/ANSI 372, Drinking Water Systems Components—Lead Content.

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