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Actuation CatalogDownload PDF
Ball Valve - 10 Series CatalogDownload PDF
Ball Valve - 20/22 Series CatalogDownload PDF
Ball Valve - 30 Series CatalogDownload PDF
Ball Valve - 35 Series CatalogDownload PDF
Ball Valve - 41SS/CS CatalogDownload PDF
Ball Valve - Bronze & Brass CatalogDownload PDF
Ball Valve - F20 Series CatalogDownload PDF
Ball Valve - F90/91 Series CatalogDownload PDF
Butterball (BB-SC Series) / Fire Protection CatalogDownload PDF
Butterfly Valve - High Performance CatalogDownload PDF
Butterfly Valve CatalogDownload PDF
Gate, Globe, & Check Valve - Bronze & Iron CatalogDownload PDF
Gate, Globe, & Check Valve - Cast Steel CatalogDownload PDF
Insulator Handle CatalogDownload PDF
Low Lead - Ultra Pure CatalogDownload PDF
Medical Gas Valves BA-350 Series CatalogDownload PDF
Medical Gas Valves MG Series (OEM) CatalogDownload PDF
Tank and Trailer CatalogDownload PDF


Actuation - MC Series Pneumatic Actuator BrochureDownload PDF
High Performance Butterfly BrochureDownload PDF
UltraPress BrochureDownload PDF

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11/06/2019 National US Aircraft Carrier MonthDownload PDF
10/30/2019 Check Valve DesignDownload PDF
10/23/2019 Where Are Milwaukee Valves Used?Download PDF
10/16/2019 Cast Steel ValvesDownload PDF
10/09/2019 When Skyscrapers Soar-Turn To Milwaukee Valve High PerformanceDownload PDF
10/02/2019 Slo-Close Butterball ValvesDownload PDF
09/25/2019 High-Performance Butterfly ValvesDownload PDF
09/18/2019 Create a Product SubmittalDownload PDF
09/11/2019 Aluminum Valves for Dry-Bulk TransportDownload PDF
09/04/2019 Understanding Gate ValvesDownload PDF
08/28/2019 An Insulating Valve Handle That Does It All? No Sweat!Download PDF
08/21/2019 Multi-Turn and Quarter-Turn ValvesDownload PDF
08/14/2019 It's All About DesignDownload PDF

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The INSULATOR/MS® from Milwaukee and Hammond Valve is the only insulating ball valve handle that does it all - controls condensation, has reliable memory stop, and saves time since there is no need to disassemble for adjustments. And INSULATOR is made to fit ANY bronze, brass or UltraPure® no lead ball valve from Milwaukee or Hammond.

Ask your customer service rep about the INSULATOR/MS® today.







Customer Testimonial

"Milwaukee Valve helps solve problems and is easy to do business with."

Ken Barnes - Florida Industrial Products

Customer Testimonial

"Milwaukee Valve offers a quality product that is competitively priced - they help us save money and satisy our customers."

Joe Tagliaferro - BR+A Consulting Eng.